The Next Big Language

Joe Gregorio

Steve Yegge has succeeded in generating a lot of traffic by obtusely trying to predict The Next Big Language. It's disappointing to see that most people have fallen for the trick, which was not to actually predict which language will be next, but to actually frame the debate: implying that there is always one big language winner. Let me be the first to call BS. Again.

I guess for me the next big language will be the one integrating in an easy way parallelization. Looking at the number of cores being added to processors, that's the feature that should make a difference.

Python might have a good chance as it's one of the only one having proper support for coroutines but who knows :) Anyway I guess once one language get it right will see it everywhere.

Posted by Guilluame on 2007-02-12

I think one of Steve's Bad Items is that it should run on the JVM, .NET, etc. It points in the direction of a dominant runtime, and a shared object model that is just a bad idea. The JVM is not the shared object model we should be using, not by a long shot.

Posted by Ian Bicking on 2007-02-12

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