Sparklines Update

Joe Gregorio

The sparklines generator has been updated to offer a new graph type: impulse. This is similar to a discrete graph , but the lines extend all the way down to zero .

Note I said "zero", and not "the bottom of the graph". That lets me introduce another often requested feature, the ability to make graphs like this: . All lines in an impulse graph are plotted from zero, and if you put a lower limit for your data that is negative, then negative data points are plotted down from zero. The last feature I added, also visible in that last sparkline, is the ability to set the width of the lines in the "discrete" and "impulse" graphs.

The generator page has been updated with the controls for the new features, the docs have been updated, and as always the code is available.

Big thanks to Alan Powell, whose patch kicked me off on adding these features.

Just a gentle nudge of a reminder, if you are hosting a version of sparklines internally, and have added some nifty features or graph types, I sure would appreciate the patches, presuming you can wrangle them past legal.

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