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Joe Gregorio

My 12 year old just showed me how to install custom brushes in Gimp.

Does the product you use when you're 12 influence the product you use when you're 22?

This is the first sign of old age :-)

More seriously, kids are not afraid of computers and technology anymore. My 4-year old daughter and 2-year old son routinely use the computer, satellite TV, DVD player, etc. like most kids of their age.

This is the Web 2.0 generation!

Posted by Avinash Meetoo on 2007-04-02

I think so --- I'm planning to spend most of the next three years looking at how to recycle/adapt the tools that 12-20 year olds find natural (e.g., instant messaging) for use in software engineering. Partly, I think it's a great opportunity, but partly, it's a defensive move ;-)

Posted by Greg Wilson on 2007-04-02

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