Canon PowerShot A630

Joe Gregorio

My birthday present this year was a new camera, the Canon PowerShot A630. Lynne and I are both happy with the A70, but it gets so much use that I'm rarely able to wrestle it from Lynne's hands when I go on travel. Given how much we like the A70, a new Canon model was the obvious choice and the A630 with 8 megapixels, a 4x zoom, a much faster picture speed, the cool swing-out LCD screen, and a nice price was a shoo-in. The other features I think will get a lot of use are continuous shooting mode, the histogram display, and obviously the foliage setting:

Small roses macro shot

Hi Joe! It's funny that I came to your site in order to grab the latest URI-Templates, and see that your birthday present is the same as mine. The difference is that in my case, it was an "auto-present". :)

Anyway, I love Canon even if their models -generally speaking- are not as beauty and small as Sonys or Nikons. Having said that, and having photography as one of my hobbies, let me tell you that your wife took the right choice. I've been testing a lot of cameras and without doubts, -price/benefit- the A630 is the best.

Haha :D I can't belive I'm speaking about cameras in a place where I usually come for "geeky" things :)

Happy Birthday anyway!


Posted by Marcelo Cabello on 2007-05-15

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