Joe Gregorio

We recently bought a couple HP All-In-One printers, including the HP L7580, which is a nice networked printer. No plugging into a computer and then sharing it with the rest of the computers in the house, you just plug it straight into the network, which is pretty nice for printer that only costs about $300.

None of that is remarkable.

What is remarkable was that I was able to get my Ubuntu laptop printing before my wife's Windows desktop. Kudos to HP and HPLIP.

I am reminded of something "Pardon the Interruption" host Mike Wilbon said concerning this year's SuperBowl: (something to the effect that) he's looking forward to the time when this isn't remarkable. Of course he was speaking of minority head coaches in the NFL's biggest game (and a much more important topic than printer drivers), but it seems pretty appropriate for Linux driver issues too.

I think Ubuntu really has come a long way with making Linux close to instant-gratification. Definitely a good thing.

Posted by Josh Peters on 2007-06-19

Brother is also doing a fantastic job with Linux drivers for their printers. I recently got two of their MFC-440N all-in-ones, which also have Ethernet, for $150. I prefer printers with separate print heads and ink tanks, rather than putting the head on the cartridge the way many HP's do.

Posted by Frank Wilhoit on 2007-06-21

I'm not at all surprised that the Windows machine took longer. HP's Windows drivers are horrendous.

Posted by Greg Hines on 2007-06-21

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