The Apex Learning Center

Joe Gregorio
Front of Apex Learning Center building

The Apex Learning Center is Lynne's latest project. It's a business that offers classes and enrichment for children and adults, with classes in mathmatics, computers, chinese and reading. Much of the initial impetus for the school came from Christopher, the 13-year old, because he wanted to learn how to write games in Flash and as we looked around the area we didn't find any reasonably priced non-camp classes. We started to ask around and found a lot of interest in the Flash class and also interest from parents in prepatory classes in mathematics and reading.

From there the list of classes has grown organically as we hear more from potential customers and teachers. For example, while developing the site Lynne was so impressed with the power and ease of use of Google Apps that she expanded the courses to include a three hour small-business web page clinic that will be based on Google Apps.

Here is a photo of the building. Ignore the "For Rent" sign, we bought the building. Actually, we don't own it yet, we will be closing on the property soon, until then our living room has been transformed in the Apex Learning Center Warehouse as Lynne buys all the things you need to start a school, including computers, furniture, whiteboards, projectors, etc.

Lynne and I have had a few businesses over the years, from our catering business as under-grads, to my now shuttered consulting business, to real-estate, but this is our first business with an actual store front and it's pretty exciting, if not a little scary.

Sounds exciting. Good luck!

Posted by mark on 2007-06-05

Good Luck ! Any interest in classes on REST ?

Posted by sai on 2007-06-05

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