Joe Gregorio

There are two rules for any change in technology.

The first is that there will be a dedicated core, those that are heavily invested, either monetarily or professionally, in the status quo, and they will resist any change.

Take for example Java and XML, two technologies that are both in transition.

Elliotte Rusty Harold seems to be lashing out against any changes in his domains of expertise, first taking those who would add closures to Java to task, and then spending quite a bit of time on [rest-discuss] trashing JSON.

For a study in contrasts compare Elliotte's reaction with the pragmatic response of Tim Bray.

Oh yeah, the second rule?

Change doesn't care about your investment.

Yeah, ERH has lost a lot of credibility with his recent rest-discuss tirades, imho. The terms he's speaking in are so stark, it's almost religious.

Posted by jsled on 2007-07-22

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