Moving day for httplib2

Joe Gregorio

I have moved the httplib2 project off of SourceForge and onto Google Project Hosting. There are a lot of reasons for the move. First is just the scale of the project; httplib2 isn't a big project and SourceForge just has way too many knobs; it presents a very large dashboard for such a small project. Also as httplib2 becomes more stable the majority of the work will shift into documentation and that will be made easier by the wiki. Third is the integration points: I have wanted to create a mailing list for checkins but have put it off under SourceForge knowing what a pain it can be. Creating just such a mailing list/google group under is trivial in comparison. And finally, the speed of the web interface for is substantially faster than SourceForge.

All in all it is going to make managing the project much faster and easier with no loss in functionality.

I, for one, am glad to see this move. Google's hosting just seems much more simple than SF. It's very fitting for a Python project.

Posted by scott on 2007-08-01

any chance httplib2 will end up in Python's standard lib? I find it to be much better than httplib. Also, nice choice on moving to Google. Their services are minimal and simple.. exactly as they should be.

Posted by Corey Goldberg on 2007-08-02

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