Idiot America

Joe Gregorio

Charles Pierce [via sogrady]:

It is impolite to wonder why our parents sent us all to college, and why generations of immigrants sweated and bled so their children could be educated, if it wasn't so that we would all one day feel confident enough to look at a museum filled with dinosaurs rigged to run six furlongs at Belmont and make the not unreasonable point that it is all batshit crazy and that anyone who believes this righteous hooey should be kept away from sharp objects and his own money.

What initially suprises rational people is how politically inept "the other side" is, not defending itself from the batshit, until you realize that there is no "other side", it's just the rest of us, under attack from a form of asymmetric warfare.

If there were an "other side" then they'd surely take the tactic of correcting every usage of "faith-based" to "religion-based", and I'm sure the overly zealous would be labelled "cross-huggers".

But there isn't.

And we don't.

And I don't know what that says about America.

Man, I feel like I need the CliffsNotes version of this post.

Posted by Justin on 2007-08-16

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