Joe Gregorio

It's all about the construction.

[ For the impatient, the executive summary is that I'm starting at Google at the end of the month. I won't be relocating. I'll provide more details as I learn them, and as I learn what I can, and can't, share. ]

My first job was working at Tecan U.S. writing software for spectrophotometers and liquid handling robots. At the time Lynne and I lived in North Raleigh and my commute took me around the north west part of the Raleigh belt-line. For the entire two and a half years that I worked at Tecan the belt-line was under construction as it was widened from two lanes to three. Of course, that meant that most of the time the road was littered with construction barrels and cones and usually narrowed down to one lane.

Two weeks after I left Tecan they finished the widening and all the barrels came down.

My next job was at MTS writing software for mechanical testing systems, and since we had moved to Apex, the easiest commute was up Cary Parkway, then to wend my way through Preston subdivision. I was thrilled when construction on the Cary Parkway connector was finished and it cut a good five minutes off my commute.

Two weeks later they started the process of closing our division and I was laid off.

Two for two; I'm starting to get a little suspicious.

SAMSys seemed like a safe bet for a place to work, I'd be writing software for RFID readers, it was up in Durham and I'd actually found no construction projects planned along my intended commute. Of course, within the first year the company moved and my new commute took me straight down Route 55, set for widening from one lane to two in both directions. SAMSys went bankrupt, then was bought out of bankruptcy by a competitor, Sirit. Meanwhile the road construction project ran into nearly a year of delays, but once the barrels came down I was laid off from Sirit within a month.

And so last year I was hired by IBM. Sweet, my commute would continue to be Route 55, thus ensuring a long career there. What I didn't realize was that the Route 540 extension that was going to intersect Route 55 was under construction and when complete would take a good five minutes off my commute.

That new section of road opened up on July 16th.

You can see where this is going.

I start at Google at the end of this month.

That was the most oblique announcement ever!

Welcome, Joe!


Posted by DeWitt Clinton on 2007-08-05

Getting real, real tired of saying "How exciting for you!" to folks I've worked with. Though, of course, I am excited for you. :-) Hoping you don't go as silent as some of the other googlers ...

Posted by Patrick Mueller on 2007-08-05

Best wishes, and have a blast!

Posted by Bill Higgins on 2007-08-05

Congrats, Joe. Happy to hear it :)

Posted by Josh Staiger on 2007-08-05

Congratulations Joe!

Posted by Noah Slater on 2007-08-06

Was sort of expecting tags around that last sentence. Man Google sure is cleaning up. Good luck with the new commute.

Posted by Justin Watt on 2007-08-06

Congratulations Joe. :)

Posted by Sudhir Hasbe on 2007-08-06

Congrats. Seems like all the people I know/follow/respect are now working at Google.

Posted by Dimitri Glazkov on 2007-08-06

Just wanted to thank you for your work at Samsys. I have worked with quite a few RFID readers in the past, and the Samsys devices were definitely on the better side (especially protocol-wise). Actually, the network protocols that lots of RFID devices speak must have been designed by, um, let's call them hardware engineers with no sense for software. Not so the Samsys readers. Sorry that it didn't work out for the company. Congratulations and best wishes for your new job at Google. Hope there won't be any road construction projects soon ;-)

Posted by Günter Obiltschnig on 2007-08-06

Joe, Congratulations! If you're permitted, what is your new role at Google going to involve? Al.

Posted by Al on 2007-08-06

You know Terminal C is slated for completion in 2010 :-). It's been a pleasure Joe, google wins again

Posted by Jim Bonanno on 2007-08-06

Congratulations, Joe! All the best in your new job!

Posted by Luiz Rocha on 2007-08-06

Congrats Joe.

Posted by Elias Torres on 2007-08-06

Someone start a new road construction project, stat!

Posted by Andrew Shebanow on 2007-08-06

I predict Joe will jump ship to Microsoft before the end of the month.

Posted by Matt Brubeck on 2007-08-06

Amazing! Google seems to really understand the difference between being "on the web" and "of the web." Not only in their technology but also in their hiring. If this keeps up, we may need to limit announcements to those who *do not* get hired by Google.

Posted by Ryan Tomayko on 2007-08-06

Joe, I am really excited about the news. I can't wait to work with you at Google! Cheers, Dion

Posted by Dion Almaer on 2007-08-06

dang! i knew something was up. oh well, c'est la vie. good luck Joe. it was great to work w/ you. albeit too briefly.

Posted by Ryan Boyles on 2007-08-06

Dancing Rodents (aka Conga-Rats)!

Posted by Michael R. Bernstein on 2007-08-06

Congratulations Joe, and welcome to the Googleverse!

Posted by John Panzer on 2007-08-07

It has been a pleasure to work with you Joe. Best of luck in your new endeavor!

Posted by Nell Gawor on 2007-08-07

Best wishes!

Posted by Steve Ims on 2007-08-07

Best Wishes.

Posted by Raj Balasubramanian on 2007-08-08

Congratulations Joe! Greetings from Poland

Posted by Tomasz Gorski on 2007-08-08

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