NYTimes DBSlayer

Joe Gregorio


The DBacesslayer aka DBSlayer aka Släyer (as we like to call it when we're feeling ironically heavy metal) is a lightweight database abstraction layer suitable for high-load websites where you need the scalable advantages of connection pooling. Written in C for speed, DBSlayer talks to clients via JSON over HTTP, meaning it's simple to monitor and can swiftly interoperate with any web framework you choose.

Wow, lots of things to note in there:

  • That's code.nytimes.com.
  • And the project is hosted on Trac.
  • With JSON over HTTP as a database interface.
  • "Written in C for speed." We need a name for those languages and libraries that are willing to sully themselves with actual C linkage, as opposed to those that want to live in a bubble and pay the associated bubble-tax.
  • Did I metion it's from The New York Times?
  • Oh yeah, and they have a blog.

I've lambasted the NYTimes in the past for their luddite approach to the net, only because it's my favorite paper and I wanted them to survive the coming 'transition' in journalism. Opening their archives and code.nytimes.com give me hope.

Yeah, the NY Times was actually at OSCON this year with a pretty big presence. One of the guys even hosted an after hours session where a bunch of web newspaper people got together and had a nice discussion.

Posted by Adam on 2007-10-15

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