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Several months ago I was starting to get fairly frustrated with myself - I wasn't able to work in long shifts and didn't seem to be able to concentrate as well I used to. I tried various things such as altering my diet, my exercise routine, any my sleeping, but nothing seemed to help. On top of it all I had inexplicably cut down on my book reading. It was starting to really grate on me until a few weeks ago when I was reading a book and one of kids interrupted me - I looked up, answered their question, and turned back to find the page was a blurry mess.

Hey, maybe I need glasses?

Now I've had 20/20 vision all my life so needing glasses had never crossed my mind, but at my appointment later that week the optometrist assured me that this was completely normal, "at my age".


Anyway, I now have reading glasses. I've had them for a week and half and not only can I work longer stretches but now I'm back to reading books, and tearing through them at a brisk pace. In the past week and a half I've finished two Discworld novels (Very funny, lots more books in the series, looking forward to reading them all.), Lies My Teacher Told Me (History should have been this good while I was in school.), and Queen of Candesce (Not as good as Sun of Suns, but still an enjoyable romp through an interesting world.).

The other benefit, above and beyond the whole being-able-to-see thing, is that I've discovered that letting the glasses slide down my nose and looking over the top of them at her drives Lynne up the wall.

If you enjoyed both Pratchett and Schroeder, you should check out "The Lies of Locke Lamora" by Scott Lynch.

Posted by Greg Wilson on 2007-11-05

So you've discovered Discworld. Out of the countless (maybe 15 or so) books I've read I think there's only one that I've failed to find it a delight to read, and that one wasn't that bad. He seems to have boundless creativity.

Posted by Paul Morriss on 2007-11-05

Ahh, can't read the extremely small font on restaurant menus, the first sign of old man's disease. Next you'll be asking the waitress to turn down the music.

You're doing better than me... I lived in denial for at least a year before I broke down and bought reading glasses.

Oh yeah...



Posted by Damon on 2007-11-06

Joe, FWIW including cod liver oil tablets in my diet has improved my eye-sight and concentration levels. -Craig ps. Instead of a red; "Your comment has been accepted..." message can you make it green or something? Gave me a; did that fail... shock before I read what it said. :)

Posted by Craig on 2007-11-08

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