Senator Dodd blocks FISA bill that would have given telecomsretroactive immunity

Joe Gregorio

From The Huffington Post:

While he never technically conducted a filibuster, according to aides, Dodd left the floor only once, to address a press gathering. He did, on occasion cede time to his Democratic colleagues. But even then, they say, he remained engaged in the debate.

Now the bill isn't completely dead and will be re-introduced in January, but hopefully with the retroactive immunity removed. So how about the rest of the-folks-who-would-be-president? How much "leadership" did we get to see in action?

Dodd was the one Senator currently running for the White House who left the campaign trail to debate the Protect America Act, an absence he hinted at while on the Senate floor.

Given a concrete situation in which the current contenders could actually display some leadership instead of just talking about it, only Dodd acted. Lovely.

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