impromptu guerrilla tuba ensembles

Joe Gregorio

I was talking to Mark when he pointed out TubaNews to me. An entire site dedicated to the Tuba. It's the Internet, so of course something like that exists. I hypothesized that given what I know about the Internet, and the normal mechanics of communities of passion, that there was probably a competing tuba site that we didn't know about, a competitor to TubaNews, one that came about because of some rift in the community. Maybe there was a disagreement about proper mouth-piece usage, or cleaning and polishing techniques. Regardless the differences were irreconcilable and led a faction to split off and start their own tuba site. You know it would happen. Anyway, I let my imagination get away from me and I envisioned both groups concentrated in NYC, antagonistic, flash-mobbing outside the apartments of the oppositions member's apartments in impromptu guerrilla tuba ensembles.

Man, would I love to make a YouTube mockumentary about that.

The link to TubaNews is broken: you're linking to instead.

Posted by Thomas Broyer on 2008-01-08

So ... did you register "" yet?

Posted by Doug L. on 2008-01-08

I wish that there was decent video of this -- Anthony Braxton's piece for 100 tubas, played in NY in Jun of 06. Youtube has but it's pretty useless as a representation of the piece. Plus, there's none of the Jets vs Sharks quality that you want...

Posted by bgporter on 2008-01-08

Got me interested enough to find the web site of my son's occaisonal tuba instructor , who is (thank goodness!) listed in TubaNews. He seems to be a popular tuba instructor in our area, if anyone's looking.

Posted by Patrick Mueller on 2008-01-08

On a continuing tangential note, I believe the sluggish Sousaphone hero sales are partially due to the popularity of the more competitively priced (read: free) Handbell Hero. Though it is a seasonal item so look for Sousaphone Hero 2 to explode onto the market this spring?!

Posted by Rab on 2008-01-08

youTuba! nice focus on the social internet dynamics

Posted by Ilario on 2008-01-11

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