An Introduction to REST

Joe Gregorio

Can you explain REST in under 15 minutes? I gave it a try:

Very nice explanation indeed, Joe. Thank you very much.

I should have tried to fully understand what REST represents some time ago, but always forgot to research, your video is a nice starting point.

Now I'm heading to the "Further Reading" items. :)

Posted by Gabriel Gilini on 2008-10-08

Great explanation, this will be a worthwhile post to link to for those needing a better understanding of the benefits of REST.

Posted by Kris Zyp on 2008-10-08

Thanks! And, why was PUT and DELETE left out from browsers?

Posted by Anton on 2008-10-08

Anton: HTTP/1.0 didn't include PUT and DELETE, and browsers were first built with HTTP/1.0 in mind. And then they simply didn't add PUT and DELETE when they implemented the other features of HTTP/1.1, as they probably didn't realize the usefulness of those actions.

Posted by Martin on 2008-10-09

Thanks, and I had fun.

Posted by Paul on 2008-10-09

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