Sparklines Moved

Joe Gregorio

My site is now running on a shiny new server at cornerhost. Because of the transition my local install of Python 2.5 started to fail on the new architecture. It was a quick fix to download Python 2.5 and rebuild it from source and then install the extra libraries I needed, and it was also a good indication of how fast the new machines are: the build from scratch of Python went very fast. The downside is that in the process of the transition my sparklines service also stopped for the same reason and that gets a decent amount of traffic. The failure was entirely my fault, and I don't like the idea of people depending on that service and it not being available so I've moved it to App Engine. I previously blogged how I'd re-written the service so it runs both on cornerhost and also on App Engine, but now I've taken it one step further and all requests to the service will redirect to the App Engine instance. If you're running a service that uses sparklines then you should use the new URI and avoid the latency of the extra round-trip to

One last thing to note about the migrated sparklines service is its URI:

That is a Google App Engine application running inside a Google Apps domain. The Apps domain is my newly registered, (don't worry, all the rest of my content will remain here on, and I installed my App Engine application into that domain at the address. See the documentation for more information.

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