Joe Gregorio

It wasn't until I was travelling recently that I finally 'got' netbooks, and surprisingly the inspiration was my Android-based phone:

G1 has totally replaced my laptop as a conference device #pycon

My G1 was certainly more convenient, but I thought, if the screen were just a little larger and the keyboard a little bigger I'd be in heaven, then it dawned on me that a G1 with a larger screen and keyboard is a netbook.

Yeah, now if only the G1 would do USB-host mode. Then you could have a 'terminal' that was a mildly-hacked USB plug to the G1 to feed it power *and* connect it to the USB-hub that itself had a usb-keyboard, mouse and display plugged in.

Alternately, right now today you could run xvncserver (on a rooted G1 anyway) and have a virtual desktop that 'lived' in your G1 that you could access from any random machine in your local environment. Or even from your G1 itself for those times that there's no handy 'big screen & keyboard' nearby.

Posted by pj on 2009-04-03

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