httplib2 0.5

Joe Gregorio

Version 0.5 of httplib2 has been released, now with Python 3 support thanks to Mark.

   Added Python 3 support

   Fixed the following bugs:

      #12 - Cache-Control: only-if-cached incorrectly does request if item not in cache 
      #39 - Deprecation warnings in Python 2.6
      #54 - Http.request fails accesing Google account via http proxy
      #56 - Block on for HEAD requests.
      #57 - Timeout ignore for Python 2.6
      #58 - Fixed parsing of Cache-Control: header to make it more robust

  Also fixed a deprecation warning that appeared between Python 3.0 and 3.1.

Get the packages for httplib2 on Google Code. One further change with the 0.5 release is that the repository for httplib2 has been changed from Subversion to Mercurial. If you are currently pulling from the subversion repository you won't get any errors or warnings, but you also won't get any more updates, so please switch over.

Update: I really have no idea on how to do a proper release of a library under Python 2.x and 3.x. Right now I have two distinct files that differ in only two lines. I presume I'm doing it wrong. If anyone has any idea on how to handle that properly please drop a pointer in the comments. Thanks.

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