How good they have it.

Joe Gregorio

So I asked on twitter:

So what technology should young developers be forced to use, just so they know how good they have it today?

You people are just downright mean. Here are the answers I got:

  • tpherndon: XML Schemas
  • storming: A paper encyclopedia. I think they'd be flabbergasted that we used to find information that way.
  • jtauber: edlin?
  • iein: server side javascript on netscape enterprise server connected to an informix instance that crashes all the time
  • edsu: lynx
  • cwood: Windows
  • hahnrobert: BASIC on Atari 800XL computers
  • jtauber: on the hardware side: DIP switches for configuration
  • jtauber: MS-DOS memory management (EMS and XMS)
  • jtauber: finding files online using archie
  • cutlass: well, they have to use javascript ... isn't that enough ;)
  • smerp: SCCS
  • PauloGaspar7: GWBasic? MASM?

In particular, remind me never to get on jtauber's bad side.

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