There's this thing about Java...

Joe Gregorio

Exhibit A: Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Ryan Tomayko’s I like Unicorn because it’s Unix should be required reading for anyone doing anything involving networks or unixes these days. Like Ryan, I share a deep appreciation for the dark art of Unix system calls, and like Ryan I’m a bit dismayed to see them relegated to the dusty corners of our shiny dynamic languages.

So I read I like Unicorn because it’s Unix with glee; it’s perhaps the cleanest, clearest explanation of how preforking socket servers work, and I enjoyed seeing Ruby’s twist on the old standard.

Exhibit B: Jesse Noller

I don't think IronPython should support multiprocessing, personally. While there are a few things within it that probably make sense (managers and the like) does it really make a ton of sense to run multiple iron python VMs from a single parent?

The same applies (in the case of multiprocessing) to Jython - a single JVM forking multiple JVMs doesn't necessarily make sense when you have perfectly functional threads.

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