Joe Gregorio


Last night Lynne and I went to the U2 concert, an impromptu celebration of the day we met 22 years ago. The concert was great, of course, aided by absolutely perfect weather for a concert in Carter-Finley Stadium. Our seats were really good considering we got them for $30 on the day of the concert. Did I mention this was impromptu?

The 60,000 attendees themselves were spread over a huge range, from the drunken frat boys that sat behind us, to families that brought along their children, to older couples; I saw kids around the age of eight, to people in their 70's.

At one point Bono talked about the One Foundation (wild cheers) which had gone on tour with the band, he thanked everyone that had donated (wild cheers), and wanted to call out two families in North Carolina from across the political aisle that had both made significant contributions to the One Foundation, the Helms and Edwards families.

I've never experienced an awkward silence at a rock concert before.

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