httplib2 0.6.0

Joe Gregorio

Version 0.6.0 of httplib2 has been released today.

The following issues have been addressed:

    #51 - Failure to handle server legitimately closing connection before request body is fully sent	
    #77 - Duplicated caching test	 
    #65 - Transform _normalize_headers into a method of Http class
    #45 - Vary header	  
    #73 - All files in Mercurial are executable	 
    #81 - Have a useful .hgignore	 	 
    #78 - Add release tags to the Mercurial repository		 
    #67 - HEAD requests cause next request to be retried	  

Mostly a bug fix release, the big enhancement is the addition of proper Vary: header handling. Thanks to Chris Dent for that change.

The other big change is the build process for distributions so that both python2 and python3 are included in the same .tar.gz/.zip file. You can peek at the Makefile to see the hacky way that I accomplished that. Suggestions on better ways to accomplish the same thing are welcome.

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