Joe Gregorio

rst2rfc - Because making humans edit XML is sadistic. is a command-line tool written in Python that uses docutils and converts ReStructuredText input into XML suitable for consumption by xml2rfc. Currently the code lives as a part of the wave-protocol project, but if you have issues please report them via the issue tracker on

The code, as of today, is not robust. Actually, at the slightest provocation it will halt and burst into flames. Much of that is because it doesn't generate the end output directly, instead taking in ReStructuredText input and producing xml2rfc compatible output, which is then processed via xml2rfc to produce the final .txt output. This allows me to use both the txt and html generation capabilities of xml2rfc. Modifying rst2rfc to directly produce the final .txt would be nice. See the Makefile for how it's called, and the Google Wave Conversation Model source document for what the input looks like.

I will be continuing work on this as a matter of need, with the Google Wave Federation Protocol being converted to ReST next, and other Wave documents soon to follow.

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