Joe Gregorio

So, Buzz is finally out. We've been dogfooding it internally for a while and it's been great.

One of the best aspects of Buzz is the use of open standards. It's just feeds. And if you want to hook up a new data source to Buzz, it is just a matter of adding a link/@rel='me'. That two way connection between your profile page and the source is the proof that it is a source that you truly own. That's a pretty easy thing to do if you are a service provider, adding a little markup to allow integration with Buzz. And it's not like that information gets locked up; you can always pull the site connectivity information back out via the Social Graph API. Here is a demo site for querying the Social Graph API.

Once you get that working you can always go back and add support for fast updates by pinging a PubSubHubbub hub. Again, this is a really simple thing to do, and I've done it for Piccolo.

See DeWitt's post for where this is all headed and the other open protocols that are going to be integrated.

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