An update on httplib2

Joe Gregorio

It's March 2016 and that means I've been building and maintaining httplib2 for over 10 years. As with most of my best software, httplib2 was initially a rage-based project, fed by my disgust on the state of HTTP client libraries in 2006.

In the past 10 years it's gathered quite a following, with 0.9.2 current being downloaded from PyPI:

   37297 downloads in the last day
   210596 downloads in the last week
   830573 downloads in the last month

I'm done.

I've been programming exclusively in Go for the past four years, and except for the occasional security bug to fix in httplib2 I've avoided using Python like the plague.

So I could go on being a bad package maintainer, or I can hand over the project to people that are more invested in keeping it working. If you are interested in being one of those people please ping me, via email or twitter and I will add you to That’s a new github organization, but have done nothing beyond that, I'll leave it up to the new maintainers to decide about forking, importing bugs, etc. from the original project.

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