D3 and L-Systems with live controls and Redux

Joe Gregorio

This is just D3 and L-Systems with live controls, but now state is managed by Redux. Oh, and also arrow functions, because they're available everywhere I care about.

I've been reading about Redux and wanted to try it out. It seems nice, as it forced me to consolidate everything about page state, which caused me to clean up the code quite a bit. I like that in a tool. It's also the reason I like Go and way it handles 'error', it forces me to think about the not-happy-path as opposed to the happy-path, which always makes my code better.

I think it's interesting that there isn't a library to map the state into the URL, at least I couldn't find anything that wasn't either a React based solution or a full blown routing package. I've got some code that already does that, I wonder if it would be useful to break that out as its own library.

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