What a bold platform really looks like.

Joe Gregorio

Chuck Schumer Says Senate Democrats Are Open To Single-Payer Health Care

“We’re going to look at broader things [for health care],” he said. “Single-payer is one of them.. Many things are on the table. Medicare for people above 55 is on the table. A buy-in to Medicare is on the table. Buy-in to Medicaid is on the table.

Yeah, bold leadership always comes from phrases like “on the table”. Don’t you remember Churchill’s famous speech?

Going to the end is on the table. Fighting in France is on the table, fighting on the seas and oceans is a possibility, fighting with growing confidence and growing strength in the air is something we’re certainly willing to talk about.

The leadership on display here is just pathetic.

A simple bold platform is very easy to state, and also one that’s easy to support. Additionally, if you keep it direct you can more easily construct radical arguments to move the Overton window. For example, on just three issues, the platform could be boldly and simply stated, and the Overton postions below are the ones you get some people to state, so that the platform position looks like a reasonable compromise.


Platform: Medicare for all.

Overton: Let’s nationalize hospitals and shut down the health insurance industry.


Platform: Free college education (up to a bachelor’s degree).

Overton: Let’s nationalize the education system and extend mandatory education from a high school diploma to a bachelor’s degree.


Platform: Return to a progressive tax system where the wealthy pay their fair share and loopholes are closed.

Overton: A top marginal income tax rate of 90%.

Now aren’t those a lot more appealing than the mealy mouthed alternatives?

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