Lina Khan on antitrust and Amazon

Joe Gregorio

This Yale Law Journal Note from Lina M. Khan on Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox is an amazing read on several levels.

First, the case it makes against Amazon is impressive, shining a light on quite a few unsavory things Amazon has done over the years.

Second, she then expands that case to the rest of the tech giants.

Third, for a Note in the Yale Law Journal, the entire thing is very readable. It could have easily devolved into dense legal jargon and didn’t, instead it’s very approachable and understandable. It is still in a Law Journal, so there’s over 450 footnotes, so you can always dive deeper.

One of the things to hightlight is the involvement of Robert Bork in the current status of antitrust law in the U.S. Yes, that Robert Bork, who’s legacy I swear will end up being the Thomas Midgley of the law.

If you liked the Note and want even more background on Bork, Brandeis, and the history of anittrust then I heartily recommend The Curse of Bigness: Antitrust in the new Gilged Age by Tim Wu.

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