Creating a Date Column in Notion That Has a Default

Joe Gregorio

I searched around for a while on how to create a Date column in Notion that defaulted to the current date and time but could also be editable. I didn’t find anything useful and eventually came up with my own solution.

This requires three columns:

  1. The first column is the Created column which exists by default on tables.
  2. The second column is a Date column named Override Date. This will normally be empty unless you enter a value in the column.
  3. The last column, Date, is a computed column that uses the first two columns as its inputs.

The Date column uses the following formula:

    if(empty(prop("Override Date")), prop("Created"), prop("Override Date"))

That is, if the Override Date is empty then the value of the column is the Created date, otherwise its value comes from the Override Date.

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