Thoughts Before the 2020 Election

Joe Gregorio

Some random thoughts before the final day of voting in the 2020 US Presidential election:

  • At least now more people realize the importance of politics. “How bad could it be?” may have gotten him into the office, but “Oh, that bad!” will probably remove him.

  • The press, at least the legitimate press, like CNN and the NYTimes, finally overcame their crippling addiction to falling for every single Trump troll.

  • If it turns out that if women hand the election to Biden, which seems possible, expect at least one Fox News talking head to float the idea of revoking women’s suffrage.

  • There are a lot of racist people out there, and this was probably the most eye-opening part of the past four years. I mean, I knew there were some, I just didn’t realize they commanded a majority in some places. In talking to some of these people the logic they apply is fairly stunning, like after they say something blatently racist as the reason they are voting for Trump, you point out that what they said is racist, and they act offended. As if they’ve been socialized enough to know that being called a “racist” is bad, and they don’t believe they are “bad” people even as they parrot white supremacist talking points.

  • Facebook is an ethical cesspool, but at least more people seem to know that now.

  • None of this (waves hands around) is surprising to me, and removing Trump from office, while a good start, won’t magically fix it. Welcome To The ‘Turbulent Twenties’. The solution, in my mind, starts with reversing corporate concentration. And yes, I believe, and have believed for a long time, that it will get much worse before it gets better:

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