Everyone Was on Twitter

Joe Gregorio

Gentle reader, you have been directed to this page because you recently said, without sarcasm:

“Everyone was on Twitter.”

This phrase is utter nonsense, as a quick bit of math will show. The population of the world is 8 billion people, a threshhold it just recently crossed. The number of people on Twitter is up for debate, but we’ll be generous and presume 250 million people, or 0.25 billion people. So, in billions of people, the ratio of people on Twitter was:

.258 = 132

Only one in 32 people were on Twitter, or roughly 3% of the world’s population, which is clearly not “everyone”. Given the obvious incorrectness of the statement leads to some questions:

What exactly did you mean by “everyone”?

More importantly:

Why is it so important to get other people to believe this prima facie falsehood?

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