Bunk Bed

Joe Gregorio

In this episode of “Woodworking with Joe”, I build a bunkbed. We needed a full size bunkbed that was also long enough to span two twin beds. After looking around online we couldn’t find anything that was both fit our dimensions and also be rugged enough for under $1,500, so I designed and built this one for around $400.

I first designed out the bed in SketchUp:

3D Model of a bunkbed

Here is an STL model if you would prefer that.

First, acquire all the materials.

A large pile of lumber and bolts.

Then cut to length and drill all the holes and countersinks.

Cut lumber with holes and counter sinks.

Then assemble:

Bed mostly assembled.

The mattress support slats are stapled into mesh screening so that they don’t move under the mattress. Since the bed frame is much longer than a full size mattress, I make a box of 3/4" plywood to take up the remaining space.

Final bed assembled before painting.

Now it’s just a coat or two of chalk paint, followed by a coating of wax:

Painted lumber drying.

This was all completed in October, but it wasn’t until this last week that we were able to make it down to the beachhouse to install it:

The full size bunkbed sits over two twin beds.

The addition of fairy lights installed on the underside of the bunkbed really make the space below very cozy.

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