Joe Gregorio's writings (archives), projects and status updates.



Atom Publishing Protocol
The latest version of the Atom Publishing Protocol plus pointers to other sources of information on the APP.
URI Templates
The latest code for [RFC 6570].
AtomPub Multipart Media Creation
This is a proposed extension to the Atom Publishing Protocol to allow the creation of both a Media and Media Link Entry in a collection in a single request.


Almost all of the projects I have started, or are involved in, are on Google's code hosting, or GitHub. Below are some select projects and the remaining bits of code I haven't put up on Google code hosting yet.

A comprehensive HTTP client library for Python.

Sparklines are small, intense, wordlike graphics. This is a web application, a web service, and source code for generating sparklines.

A mime-parsing module for Python.
A throw away Python web framework built on WSGI.
WSGICollection, a Python module to add Collection type dispatching to WSGI, is now a part of Robaccia.
Secure Syndication
A Greasemonkey script for decrypting syndicated content.
Atom Publishing Protocol Test Client
A validating GUI Client for use with APP Servers.