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In case you didn't glean it from Thursday's post, or the site redesign that it inspired, Lynne and I are adopting a baby girl from China. Like any large process it has it's own nomenclature. We have finished the "paper chase", the process of gathering all the required documents and getting them notarized, certified, etc. By the middle of this month they should be on their way to China and we will be "DTC" (Documents To China). Now begins our 7 to 14 month wait for a referral, after which it will be another 2 months of getting visas and finalizing travel plans before we go to China to pick her up.

Repeat after me: Patience is a virtue.

Really, must be a lovely girl. Which city will you go?

Posted by Isaac on 2003-03-23

Thank you. We won't know what she looks like or which province we will travel to until we receive our referral in about a year.

Posted by Joe on 2003-03-23

I've been using Aggie and it's source for my personal purpose for a while. thanks. In case you launch Shanghai, please don't hesitate to contact me for a cup of coffee.

Posted by Isaac on 2003-03-23

This may seem a bit odd - I found your site while looking up the Red Thread proverb that you have on your page...the next link i got was this one... - considering the topic, i thought it was very weirdly appropriate...
Best wishes to you and your baby girl to be!

Posted by Hilary on 2003-10-30

I, too, got your page while looking up the red thread story....wonderful story that should mean a lot to you right now!

Enjoy this time of planning and dreaming and the wait will be transformed into a joyful time of preparation!  That's what I did, and everyday, I'd find something to add to the room, something to plan for her, new ideas of things I wanted to tell her or write for her or save for her.....etc., etc., etc.  She was already in my heart months before we found each other. She has been nothing but a joy since then, 5 years ago now.
I remember every step of the process, and only wish I were going again with you!  Every best wish!

Posted by Suellen on 2003-11-09

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