RSS and Content Negotiation

Joe Gregorio

Simon has just checked in support for content negotiation for Aggie. Hopefully well see more tools support this. RESTLog has always supported content negotiaion. For example, if you do a GET on the url in a browser you will get the HTML version but an RSS aggregator that supports content negotiation will get the RSS feed from the same URL. Now there are few aggregators that currently support conneg so RESTLog allows you to add a query parameter to over-ride the content type. Thus the other way to get the RSS feed is by the url

Is this a good idea? This might be confusing to people, and seems silly to have two URIs to the same document (one with o=rss in the query string and one without).

Posted by anonymous on 2003-03-13

I am supporting content-negotiation for the sake of learning and experimentation, though you can see from this entry: that I don't think it has much of a future. I, for example, will be removing it from the RESTLog API in the near future.

Posted by Joe on 2003-03-16

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