CommentAPI gaining momentum

Joe Gregorio

Adoption of the CommentAPI is taking off. Sam Ruby is talking about adding it to mombo, while Dare Obasanjo will add it to his RSS Bandit if Sam follows through.

Meanwhile Ted Leung has added support in his pyblosxom comments and Adrian Frost is working on support for it in BlogWorks.

Drop me a note if you know of other blogging software or aggregators that are supporting the CommentAPI that I haven't mentioned here. Thanks.

What about Aggie

Posted by John Beimler on 2003-03-17

Not any time soon given the current architecture of Aggie. With all the display handled by an external browser it is impossible to do without embedding a web server inside Aggie, something I am not keep to do. I have considered embedding either IE or Moz into Aggie. Don't know which one would make it easier to hook into.

Posted by Joe on 2003-03-17

Well, figuring that Jot wouldn't last very long unless it started supporting some of the XML stuff out there, I have added support for Joe Gregorio's "CommentAPI": in two ways: * All entries can receive an rss...

Posted by Added Support for CommentAPI on 2003-03-20

Umm... was supposed to contain the authors name or the "title" of the comment (if there is one)? I was expecting the contents of to show up. btw, that last comment was mine. And it was generated via the CommentAPI from Jot (sorta like a TrackBack).

Posted by Seairth on 2003-03-20

Whooopeee! Seairth, this is great news. As far as the vs <author>, my implementation is trailing the specification by about 12 hours... </author>

Posted by Joe on 2003-03-20

Joe, I don't know about Moz, but embedding IE in a WinForms window is very easy if all you want to do is viewing. Adding events between IE and its container shouldn't be too hard, although I admin I never tried that one myself.

Posted by Ziv Caspi on 2003-03-21

Ziv, I did try it once with IE and couldn't get it to embed. If you want to try it please do.

Posted by Joe on 2003-03-21

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