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Joe Gregorio

Sam's example isn't very persuasive for why a namespace should to be added to the 'item' element in the CommenAPI. Here is my own eerily similar example of why the namespace isn't needed and the SOAP envelope is optional.

xsd CommentAPI.xsd /c
csc capiClient.cs CommentAPI.cs

Corrent me if I am wrong, but is the only thing that is causing problems is WSDL's requirement that the items in the SOAP Body be placed in a non-nil namespace? If that is the case then the problem isn't with the CommentAPI but with WSDL.

Joe, Just to be clear, VisualStudio.NET users are not a market you choose to serve. Do I have that right? One problem I have with most of the Web Services specs is that they generally all weasel worded. They say should or may when they really mean must. My intent is to be conservative in what I do and liberal in what I accept. All requests and replies that I generate will be fully SOAP compliant including all the shoulds. This being said, I will be liberal in how I interpret any requests or responses I may receive.

Posted by Sam Ruby on 2003-03-18

Sam, WSDL *requires* a non-nil namespace on items in the SOAP Body?

Posted by Joe on 2003-03-18

Joe, I wish the answer was cut and dry. Try wsdl.exe against: http://intertwingly.net/stories/2003/03/18/nonamespace.wsdl and let me know if the error message you receive makes any sense to you. Some related reading: http://www.intertwingly.net/stories/2002/01/25/whatObjectDoesSoapAccess.html#ApacheSOAP

Posted by Sam Ruby on 2003-03-18

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