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Joe Gregorio
Browser requests for BitWorking in the last week.
BrowserPercentage of Requests
MSIE 44%
Moz/Netscape 54%
Opera 2%


Update: Well, there's lies, damn lies, and statistics. Based on feedback from Fabrice I went back and filtered the last six days of logs and took only hits that accessed the root of BitWorking, and then manually stripped out all the robots, spiders, scrapers, aggregators and other non-desktop browser agents. Wow, was I suprised at the wild and woolly internet agent ecology that's sprouted up. What I ended up with after all the filtering now looks like:

Updated again on 30May2003, I mis-counted some agents.
Real Browser Requests For in the last week.
BrowserPercentage of Requests
MSIE 45%
Moz/Netscape 50%
Opera 5%

Note that in the above I didn't filter based on incoming IP address. Back to the drawing board.

IE could even be considered at a lower percentage (for weblogs) because a lot of RSS clients are using it to display web pages, which doesn't mean that the users are using IE as their default browser.

Posted by Fabrice on 2003-05-29

Good point. Maybe I'll dig through the logs and remove the hits to the RSS feeds.

Posted by Joe on 2003-05-29

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