Extension To The CommentAPI

Joe Gregorio

Chris Sells has a proposal for an extension to the CommentAPI. His proposal would add a new element to an RSS feed that would point to a per-item comments RSS feed. That’s probably not very clear, so go read his much more lucid description. It’s very cool. Tomorrow I’ll mark up the CommentAPI specification with the proposed new verbage. Meanwhile, drop comments here or on Chris’ site, because you know the drill, “speak now or …”

Update: BitWorking.org has now been updated to support the extensions to the CommentAPI, which means you will find a wfw:commentRss element in the main RSS feed, which points to each items RSS feed of comments. For example, here is the feed of comments for Consuming RSS Safely. Updates to the CommentAPI specification are still pending.

Joe, could you please add dc:creator (or similar) to each item in the comments RSS feed? This would allow me to actually see who made each comment. Thanks.

Posted by Ziv Caspi on 2003-06-19


Posted by Joe on 2003-06-19

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