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Joe Gregorio

Quoted here for posterity:

If you listen to some you'll hear hype that I control RSS. That's just ridiculous. I don't control RSS. I couldn't change it if I wanted to. [Dave Winer]

If they want respect for the formats and protocols they implement, they must do RSS exactly as UserLand does. [Dave Winer]

Something to reflect upon when people ask why we need a new format.

Joe, I'm glad you pointed to the articles you chose to excerpt so readers can check understand the whole argument, not just the bits you chose to present. These quotes don't stand alone. Not nice to make a case that isn't there. Whatever, I'll remember that Joe Gregorio did what he could to foster disharmony, not understanding.

Posted by Dave Winer on 2003-06-26

Yes, by all means, everyone, go read the full articles.  They're even more revealing (and less flattering) than Joe's excerpts.

Posted by Mark on 2003-06-26

  Thanks for stopping by. You are always welcome to try to set the record straight. You are right, I did link to the main articles to let everyone decide for themselves. And now I'll link to this article:

Which quotes something you wrote earlier today but decided to delete.

Posted by Joe on 2003-06-26

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