Proposed change to the CommentAPI

Joe Gregorio

Because of this discussion on Sam Ruby’s blog I have updated the CommentAPI with the proposed changes. All the changes are in the table, with the new stuff in yellow, and deleted stuff crossed through. This is currently a proposed change. Scream now or forever hold your peace.

looks good to me

Posted by Simon Fell on 2003-06-10

Have to be honest, I don’t really like it. Adding one namespaced element means I have to recode to allow the dc:author element and also change how the XML is stored for a fairly minor gain.
I’d thought the standard for author was:
name (e-mail) which leaves title free anyway – maybe I was wrong but it does seem to work OK.

Posted by Adrian on 2003-06-14

Joe, is this change going ahead?
I’ve been looking into supporting it but just won’t be able to unless the XML fragments come in with namespace declarations for Dublin Core. If they do, by default then I can handle it but if not the MSXML parser chokes before I can even get to the content. i.e. my ability to support this change in BlogWorks depends on how the spec asks apps to send the fragments to compliant ‘receivers‘.
Any feedback would be appreciated.

Posted by Adrian on 2003-06-22

  The proper DC namespace would be required to be declared. I'm not proposing anything that would break an XML parser, or violate the XML namespace spec.

For an example, see:

Though I have been reading the Dublin Core specifications and I believe that using dc:creator this way, with the name and the URI, is wrong.

Posted by Joe on 2003-06-23

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