Joe Gregorio

There are moments when if people compromise something great can happen and if they don't the opportunity passes. [Dave Winer]

That moment is now, something great is happening, the place it's happening is Sam's Wiki, and all I can is Wow.

I'm 100% behind this kind of forward motion, and will work to add support for it into Aggie, Bulu, and Pamphlet.

How do you see RESTlog fitting into the Echo framework? Alongside the SOAP and XML-RPC APIs that are bound to come out of that wiki?

Posted by MSM on 2003-06-25

Most things indicate that the publishing interface that comes out will be modelled on RESTLog. I don't know about SOAP, but I am pretty sure there will be no XML-RPC. The internationalization and extensibility hurdles are just too high.

Posted by Joe on 2003-06-25

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