AtomAPI and Wikis

Joe Gregorio

AtomAPI interfacing to Wikis, which is an idea I brought up when talking about An Editable Web, is gaining traction. WikiGateway, written by Bayle Shanks is a library of functions to allow you to act as a client to a wiki website. Now, thanks in part to the AtomAPI Perl code from isolani, it is getting AtomAPI support.

With all these implementations piling up I wonder if it's time to organize some interop testing.

I'd loooove to think some about interop testing.

...and can someone break the silence on atom authentication? Mr. Pilgrim, in particular, claims to know all about it but nothing is in the wiki, or anywhere else I can find. Little help?

Posted by Jason on 2003-10-21

This is the latest and greatest:

Posted by Joe on 2003-10-21

Also worth exploring:


Posted by Sam Ruby on 2003-10-21

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