It is now called Atom.

Joe Gregorio

After much time, discussion, and frustration the naming decision is complete. It is now called Atom.

Now can we begin arguing mercilessly and endlessly about the logo?

Atom Logo from Adam Rice

Atom Logo from Arve Bersvendsen

Atom Logo also from Arve Bersvendsen

And finally the textual version:


I like the text idea with the ø

People will use different logos for different layouts/colors, but the text idea is excellent and it will be extended.

Ah!, it's strange to see the cursor jumping from this textarea to the grey div :-).

Posted by kusor on 2003-10-03

Proper credit for the idea of using U+00D8 for the 'o' in Atom goes to Tim Bray.

Posted by Joe on 2003-10-04

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