Meet Caden Gregorio

Joe Gregorio

Meet my daughter Caden:

Caden Gregorio

This is a picture of her at approximately four months old. She is seven and a half months old now and will be nine to ten months old by the time we travel to China to pick her up.

Adorable!  And congratulations.  :)

Posted by RE: Meet Caden Gregorio on 2003-11-21

Congratulations!  It won't be long, now!!

Posted by Eric Vitiello on 2003-11-21

Beautiful little girl.  Where about in China was she born (city/province)? If you don't mind me asking.

Posted by John on 2003-11-26

Sorry about not including that. She was born in the Szechuan province.

Posted by Joe on 2003-11-26

My son is 23 years old and I named him Caden and the name has done him well in life, as I hope for your daughter.

Posted by Kathy on 2004-04-20

I have a two year old boy named Caden  and he is a great child. Im sure your little girl will be wonderful too. Congratulations.

Posted by Stacey on 2004-08-23

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