Neal Stephenson Quicksilver

Joe Gregorio
Quicksilver (The Baroque Cycle, Vol. 1)

Part of my packing for the trip to China includes Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver, a 927 page book that is the first part of a new trilogy from the author that brought us Cryptonomicon. Cryptonomicon was a great sprawling book and spurred my interest in World War II and how it has shaped our world today. I'm looking forward to diving into this book and given the 25 hours of travel we have on the first day of our trip I think I can put a good dent in it.

Snow Crash! Whenever you mention Neil Stephenson you are supposed to mention his best book, which is Snow Crash. Enough with the Cryptonomicon allready :-)

Posted by Lyndon on 2003-12-30

Agreed, you can't forget Snow Crash.

Posted by Joe on 2003-12-30

I enjoyed tremendously Cryptonomicon, although it took me 300 pages+ to enter the story. I have Quicksilver waiting for me in a bookshelf, and am dreading opening it. Maybe just a bit.
I guess being on a plane will help... :-)

Posted by anonymous on 2004-01-20

quicksilver was a challenge for me... hope that you have more fun with it than I did. :)  my coworker and I have decided to repurpose our copies as a pair of bookends for our dev books...

Posted by chris hollander on 2004-01-21

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