Infosets considered harmful

Joe Gregorio

Infosets are bad, except when they're not so bad, but temper your opinion with these caveats.

Listen closely, in 5 years we'll replace XML with some new whizbang format, and make all the old mistakes in totally new ways.

Posted by anonymous on 2004-03-08

Just testing. Sorry for the interruption, but comments were broken earlier. Should be fixed now.

Posted by Joe on 2004-03-08

Another format or another data model.

Which is a bit different.

Posted by Karl on 2004-03-09

  So if you were to start a re-design of XML, would you start with the syntax, or a data model?

Posted by Joe on 2004-03-09

A data model definitely.

Posted by karl on 2004-03-10

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