From trash to treasure

Joe Gregorio

Tim Bray is shocked, just shocked to find that Safari is adding extensions to HTML.

What were you expecting to happen when your beloved W3C, highjacked by the intranet, threw HTML onto the scrap heap?

I've been wondering about this conspicuous omission myself.  The W3C didn't get rid of the Form tags (at least not yet) in (x|d)html but they seemed to have made it a point not to put one iota of improvement  in forms processing.  Heck, at this point, I'd settle for just a combobox (combination text and select input field).

Posted by Chris Rathman on 2004-07-06


Posted by joe on 2004-07-07

I'm probably not as schocked as Tim, but I'm pretty amazed how incredibly stupid people can get, sometimes. How many braincells have you actually lost when you add extensions to HTML like this? Have Dave fallen down too many stairs, or what is his problem? Is he a drunk, perhaps? Is he a boxer who's taken too many punches in the ring?

I'd really like a good explanation from Dave himself why there is any purpose to adding these rediculous extensions to HTML in Safari instead of doing them through WHAT WG, W3C, IETF or some other standards or pseudo standards body.

Could someone give that guy another punch from me? Thanks.

Posted by Asbjorn Ulsberg on 2004-07-07

I don't think that what Dave Hyatt has done so far is as bad as all that -- he has announced that he is experimenting with extensions to HTML (in a version of Safari that has not been released to the public), and intends to discuss the additions with standards bodies.  How else is HTML to be evolved over time?

Posted by Damian Cugley on 2004-07-14

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