Wither the Greenback or Flourish the Euro?

Joe Gregorio

An interesting article on Technology Review, "Star Wars" Spawned a Galaxy of Technologies , which talks about the number of technologies George Lucas developed for the Star Wars movies and then sold off cheaply. While the article itself was good, what I found more interesting was that every time they mentioned money they gave the value in both dollars and euros.

Well we have the Internet in Europe too yo u know :-) Sometimes we even read articles written in the US and its handy to have currency values that we understand.

Posted by Paul Morriss on 2005-05-17

  I realize that it's handy to have it in currency values you understand. My question is why are we starting to see this in American pulications now? Is it just the convenience of having to only quote the euro, or is it an indication of the rising power of the euro?

Posted by Joe on 2005-05-17

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