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Joe Gregorio

My latest article Secure RSS Syndication, is up on In this article I present a Greasemonkey script to make FireFox decrypt a Blowfish-encrypted feed shown in Bloglines on the fly. And the encrypted data, it's held in a microformat.

We're playing buzzword bingo.

I win.

Source code and test feed are available.

Update: This project explains my interest in which web-based aggregators preserve microformats.


I have a Greasemonkey script that adds a Textile parser to textareas using a XML HTTP Request to a Python CGI script.

I win. :)

Posted by Roberto on 2005-07-13

Ha!  I have a Greasemonkey book that explains how to add a Textile parser to textareas.  The book was written by one person, who explained how the script was written by a second person, then improved by a third person by integrating code written by a fourth person, who based his code on the work of a fifth person, who in turn based his code on the work of a sixth person.

I don't win anything, but I really enjoyed saying all that.

PS - The second person was Roberto.  (Hey Roberto!)  The first and fifth persons were me.

Dean wrote Textile in PHP.  I ported it to Python as PyTextile.  Jeff ported PyTextile to Javascript as JsTextile.  Roberto wrote a "Textile It!" Greasemonkey script that hit a CGI script that called PyTextile.  Phil integrated Roberto's Greasemonkey script with Jeff's JsTextile library to create a purely client-side version.  I wrote up Phil's script and the entire backstory in "Greasemonkey Hacks".  (In stores in November!  Pirate it now and avoid the rush!)

PPS - Hey Joe, want to cut that article down to 500 words and get published in an O'Reilly book?

Posted by Mark on 2005-07-14

Posted by anonymous on 2005-07-15

  Ok, I win at buzzword bingo, but you just won at buzzword pachinko.

  Sure, I'd love to trim that article down and get it published in an O'Reilly book.


Posted by Joe on 2005-07-15

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